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Camping in the French Alps: an unforgettable experience

camping French alpsThe camping French alps are the perfect place to admire breathtaking scenery and enjoy nature at any time of year. Whether you're a motorcyclist, cyclist or skier, or simply a nature lover looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the French Alps have it all. If you're looking for a family holiday, Camping Eden De La Vanoise is the place for you. Camping Eden De La Vanoise: Enjoy outdoor activities in the heart of the French Alps Situated in the heart of Peisey, [...]


Biarritz is a small town located in the South of France. The small town is located by the ocean and enjoys a short but pleasant coastline. As in other towns in New Aquitaine, Biarritz is no exception to the real estate sector. And being a seaside resort, real estate is taking up more and more space. Real estate investment is favorable there and the place is still safe from the heckles encountered in large city towns. With the tourism sector favorable, real estate is on the rise. Investments (Biarritz rentals villa) [...]

What are the advantages of staying at Les Mimosas campsite?

Do you want to discover the Gorges d'Heric during your next vacation? You must stay at our camping in the south of France Les Mimosas. Our 5-star campsite offers you many possibilities to explore the magnificent wild landscapes of the wonderful Georges d'Heric site. Through this article, discover our Les Mimosas campsite and its advantages through the Georges d´Héric.Les Mimosas, a wonderful campsiteThe Mimosas and the Heric Gorges are barely 60 km [...]

The Camping Ideal at Annecy Lake

On the shores of Lake Annecy, one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in France is Le Camping lake Annecy l'Idéal, a 4-star outdoor hotel. It opens its doors to couples, families, tribes and groups of friends who dream of a green getaway or a nature vacation feet in the water. The campsite is nestled in lush greenery near the famous Lake Annecy at the foot of the Bauges mountains in Haute Savoie. It turns out to be ideal for camping in traditional mode, simply in your camping [...]

Nudist campsite in France

naked holidaysTo live better, live naked! all naturists agree with this fact. Of course, naturism is not only a passion, but also offer clear advantages. That makes nudist campsites very good alternative in order to enjoy the benefits of this practice. This is in no way a perverse practice as others think, it is primarily a state of mind which aims to be comfortable in your skin.Nudism: a passionYou should know that naturism or nudism is defined as being naked in places provided for this [...]

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