Biarritz is a small town located in the South of France. The small town is located by the ocean and enjoys a short but pleasant coastline. As in other towns in New Aquitaine, Biarritz is no exception to the real estate sector. And being a seaside resort, real estate is taking up more and more space. Real estate investment is favorable there and the place is still safe from the heckles encountered in large city towns. With the tourism sector favorable, real estate is on the rise. Investments then become important bonuses by taking care to choose the most sought after areas.

Discover the city of Biarritz

The city of Biarritz is quite small but it remains a magnificent place in many ways. Biarritz is best known for its charming coastal landscape. The intimacy of Biarritz gives it a special status as a resting place throughout the year. With a short walk, the city tour can be done in one day. And discoveries can begin on the edge of the coast that opens up to the Atlantic. Greenery is also an important point enjoyed by the small town. The city center conceals some monuments and famous addresses to completely satisfy the stomach. You can also practice marine activities to discover the underwater treasures at times when the sea is calmer.

The cost of real estate in Biarritz

Biarritz rentals villa varies depending on the location of the property. But in general, it takes an average of 4,500 euros per square meter. For apartments at 4,730 euros and houses at 4,214 euros. Building land can also skyrocket with a strategic location with sometimes 5% more than average. If you are looking for properties already built and immediately habitable, the 300 m2 is generally around 800,000 euros that by having a garden. The seaside being very popular, it is necessary to plan a larger budget. Being a small town with few inhabitants, the properties are often second homes for outside buyers with a later sale. Rentals are on average 13 euros per month and per m2.

The advantages of a real estate investment in Biarritz

The price of real estate is often stable in Biarritz. Compared to other cities, prices are affordable and the small town remains a quiet place. However, tourism allows a new turnaround in the situation. By investing in well-known sites, one can make considerable profits during high seasons. In addition, competition is still not as voracious as in other cities and goods are still acquiring significant values ​​on the market. In addition, with few goods in this small town, the procedures to follow take less time.

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